• Deep Purple Deep Purple Belgrade, 27 Feb 2006
  • Simply Red Simply Red Belgrade, 31 Aug 2006
  • Chris Jarrett Chris Jarrett Niš, 27 Apr 2007
  • Toto Cutugno Toto Cutugno Vrnjačka Banja, 9 Jun 2007
  • Ken Hensley Ken Hensley Zaječar, 2 Aug 2007
  • Wishbone Ash Wishbone Ash Zaječar, 4 Aug 2007
  • Emma Shaplin Emma Shaplin Viminacium, 30 Aug 2008
  • Harlem Gospel Choir Harlem Gospel Choir Belgrade, 2 Dec 2009 / Niš, 3 Dec 2009
  • Paul Young Paul Young Belgrade, 17 Feb 2010
  • Jeff Beck Jeff Beck Belgrade, 7 July 2010
  • Georgie Fame Georgie Fame Niš, 13 Aug 2010
  • Troy Troy Belgrade, 6 March 2011
  • American Gospel Choir American Gospel Choir Novi Sad, 14 Dec 2011 / Belgrade, 15 Dec 2011 / Novi Pazar, 16 Dec 2011 / Niš, 17 Dec 2011

ViLa FiLoZoFiNa


Multimedia Concerts - American Gospel Choir
Contemporary & Traditional 
Multimedia Concerts - Chris Jarrett
Contemporary Jazz /Classical
Multimedia Concerts - Night Wing
Vintage British Rock

ViLa FiLoZoFiNa
Contemporary Rock / Jazz

Concept and Vision for 21st century

MULTIMEDIA CONCERTS in its various organizational forms and through mainly music-related projects is present on the markets of Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia, Central and South East Europe since early 1980s. The company name, selected some three decades ago proved to be visionary in terms of its nature and operations – when term “multimedia” was not linguistically defined, nor in mass circulation as it is nowadays.

How to describe MULTIMEDIA CONCERTS in short?

We are concert promoters, as well as regional booking agents for several renowned American, British and German acts. Additionally, we produce own advertising materials, promotional/marketing campaigns, act as publishers of music and video programs, produce materials for TV, radio and magazines/newspapers. Finally, we act as advisors/subcontractors on the Serbian market for several international companies in the similar line of work. For any of your needs related to the entertainment industry –we are your trustworthy partners or advisors in project management and implementation. We are small, but efficient and creative team of professionals with know-how, experience and top references, which can be expanded to several hundred on-call staff members, if a project calls for it.


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> Magic Light (SRB)

Our bussiness partners

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